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AR Conk + VR Bangers

AR PORN IS THE FUTURE OF SEX With AR Conk App You Can Have Sex in AR / MR Anywhere in the World How familiar with novelties in the adult industry are you? Do you still mentally live in times when porn movies are displayed on the screen of your TV, monitor of your PC / laptop or the display of your phone – and all you can do is be their passive observer instead of literally taking part in the fun and becoming a professional porn star? Times have changed, the world has moved forward and so did the porn industry – first we had 3D VR porn movies, then porn in limited augmented reality, and now… now we are all witnessing the creation of the history, in the world where having virtual sex – in many respects indistinguishable from the real one – becomes a fact – and all thanks to mixed reality. Thanks to VR Bangers – premium VR porn movies’ makers – and developers from AR Conk, the very first AR / MR sex experience has been created – inside of which you can truly immerse yourself with a realistic augmented reality encounter. Even though such solutions have been somewhat implemented in the past, previous inventors of such experiences have only been putting some 2D pre-recorded videos inside of AR Apps – AR Conk is different, as it really gives you an opportunity to see the 3D model having sex with you with a choice of 10+ different sexual positions. AR (short for augmented reality) is a 3D image superimposed on your surroundings, with which (thanks to the extension to MR – the mixed reality) you can interact and control it. This means that in porn movies in AR / MR, you can display your beloved porn actress in your favorite room and let her dance for you, have sex with you or do anything else you want her to. And what is so special about the AR Conk in particular? The eye and head tracking granted by the software is one-of-a-kind and makes it all even more realistic. Thanks to this technology, the model will always follow you by attending your movements – and wherever you will move, the girl will look. This is so important since nothing like that has ever been done in any AR experience in the world before, and in order to do this, producers had to replace the real models’ eyes with computer-generated eyeballs – even though the rest of their bodies were kept as scanned women. “The coolest part of it all is that, despite all this sophisticated technology and eye/head tracking, you might as well use your everyday VR headset to experience AR Conk,” says Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “We spent a lot of financial resources and time to make it happen and we really hope that the world will love this experience and the feedback will be as positive as possible – so we can keep capturing and making these kinds of AR / MR experiences in the future. For now, I am extremely happy, because after the release of AR conk, we have been contacted by multiple AR / MR studios asking us how we managed to do it – and this clearly means that there is some interest in this technology and that it has huge changes of further development.” According to the producers, it has all been possible thanks to scanning the adult model using 4D volumetric capture to make it as realistic as possible. Because of that, the girl will “magically” appear in your, for example, bed, joining you in something as close to the MR experience as we have ever gotten to. Even though it may, by this point, sound simple to you, the developers of AR Conk had to invest thousands of dollars to make it possible – since both the editing team and even the scanning itself for such technologically advanced projects are really costly. “How did we even do it? Well, we have scanned a girl in the outsourcing company in France – inside of a special facility where the cost of each minute of the capture goes up to $2,500 – and this was not the end of the costs,” says Boris Smirnoff, the CTO of VR Bangers. “Then, we took the footage to our qualified editing team where we connected the movements with the body and voices – thanks to the full body edge cleanup, the 3D model can now look so flawless. The total cost for this one experience exceeded $60,000 in total – and we are only talking about its production.” The release of the AR Conk was partially funded by the fact that VR Bangers have just recently opened their gaming-focused division called VRB Games. According to the managers of the company, this branch of the firm will focus on an entirely new niche of experiences for people to enjoy – to ensure that AR technology will keep on blooming in the tempo as promising as for the VR content. Since porn has always been one of the biggest drivers of the technology in the world, pushing such experiences might open some gates not only for adult footage producers but also for everyone interested in usage of new technologies. “VRB Games division and AR Conk Engineers have collaborated on this joint venture project in order to bring the world a one-of-a-kind AR experience that people have never seen before,” says Adam Westwood, the President of AR Conk. “Most studios only made their AR videos for fun, but we actually created it so people can experience real-life looking sex in a way they have always wanted to. As it is for now, the next step will be an AI virtual girlfriend who will learn how to talk back to you. Now, when we have the technology suitable for such projects, we are working on them as we speak – but as a starter, we will be releasing this product on its early stage for some alpha/beta tests.” Such sophisticated technology takes a lot of time to be processed, so the file size, for obvious reasons, had to be quite significant – at least initially. With an average size of 1 minute of the footage ranging between 40 and 200 MBs originally, the producers have managed to compress it into a handy app – thanks to which you can now experience the AR at high speed and without any input lags. “Our very first such experience was free and we released it last year only so that people could see how the model looks like without any sex,” says Igor Zhivago, the Marketing Director of VR Bangers. “We have received over 400K downloads and a lot of great feedback, therefore we have decided to build it with sex so that people can really feel the interaction with the model.” To stay up to date with the development of this new AR porn software, make sure to visit the producers’ website over here.

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