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R18 is a subsidiary brand under the largest adult content distributor, DMM. The company has been involved distributing 2D titles, and also actively controls the adult industry landscape in Japan. Prior to 2018, the VR titles were only available in Japan region, and was not accessible from non-Japanese IP addresses. The only way to get to these title was via an virtual private network. However, R18 has now made over 4000 Japanese 3D virtual porn titles available to those residing outside of Japan. This is particularly good news for those into Asian virtual reality porn. Pornography is an unique industry that largely adopts a culture that is both open and close minded. What we are referring to here is that although Japan is a leading adult content producing contry, with sex and porn shops throughout the country, the political and public perception of censorship of genital parts is still unaccepted. Therefore, all Japan VR porn are censored due to government regulation. You can however, find anal scene where the asshole can still be seen, because it is not covered under the Japanese regulation. We don't know why this is a big thing in there culture, but let's all respect the differences, and enjoy the quality of porn in VR that is recently been made available for those of us living outside of Japan. Appreciation is a virtue, and we hope you find what you enjoy on R18's platform. It depends on your porn consumption habits, you either hate or love the Pay Per View model. With R18, that's the way it goes. Unlike western production companies, R18 titles are not offered in monthly subscription, rather it's pay per title. The price ranges from $6 to $14 USD per scene. There are also a lack of preview for the scenes, and there aren't any sample available.

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