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Stocking VR

My Complete Stockings VR Review. One Step for virtual reality, one giant leap for Fetishes. What's important is that the stocking fetish pornography is finally in VR and that I seem like I'm flyin'. In case you do not know exactly what I am speaking about, these are not going to be the type of stockings you set up in Christmas time.  Wink, wink. These are sleek, black, see-through and suggestive. They are enough to even give Santa's bells a jingle if you know what I mean. You will also find that the video include garter belts lingerie, bras, panties, nylons and skirt videos. Initially, Stockings VR looks really promising and I cannot help, but give it a couple more hundred glances cause it is just so hot. Not a Dude at Sight. You are going to find 26 videos in the moment with an average runtime of ten minutes each. There are no male performers in each of them, so the videos are really divided between lesbian and solo scenes in about a 50/50 ratio.  What I particularly liked here are the storylines. I know many people cannot wait around for them to be over with so that they can start watching the intercourse and starting rubbin one out themselves, but these storylines are hot, not too long and certainly add to overall allure of the video. Some examples include evictions, secretaries and teacher's pets. If for whatever reason you seem like your experience was less than stellar, this website has no shortage of useful tips, hints, tutorials and a frequent question about how to make sure you are getting the majority of your device. StockingsVR has also been outfitted with almost all the user features you can think of to make your stocking consumption as pleasant as possible.  Including evaluation, favoriting & commenting. I can tell you in what I have seen the website administrators read and sometimes respond to any comments you could depart, which is nice. There is a calendar where one can see a brand new scene is released every week and it features the names of the featured models. The drop down menu enables to look up content either by model name or release date, and there is also advanced search for when cravings become special.  What more can you possibly ask from a website? Flawless VR Effect. There are no performers in any of them, so the videos are really divided between lesbian and solo scenes at about a 50/50 ratio. Every one of the scenes could be streamed directly off the website or downloaded from any of four formats based on what type of headset you have. I tried the site myself out using both my humble Cardboard viewer along with my fancy pants Oculus. I am glad to say that both worked without a bitch, working at 60fps with binaural audio along with a full head tip of just about 180°.  If for whatever reason you seem like your experience was less than stellar, this website has no lack of helpful tips, tips, tutorials and FAQ on how to make sure you are getting the majority of your device. Pay particular attention to the asterisk warning in the blue font above every scene which reads: Please be aware! For Cardboard viewers please do certain you've your settings are set for 360 Top Bottom. It is going to create a world of difference. Bonus Sites With More Stockings Porn. The typical membership charges include another non-VR stocking website, Stocking Videos. You may also choose to buy a membership which will give you full access to another five sites: FF Stockings, Minnie & Mary, Dirty Angie, Nylons Only, Aunt Kathy, Abigail Fraser.  Although the content found on these sites isn't in VR, they do comprise dames rocking stockings with gams so long as your eye can see. It is a fairly sweet deal nonetheless. A Fantastic Site With More Videos to Come. That is a VR fetish website with sexy content and an effect. Although I know that stocking fetishes is a thing, I do not think you necessarily have identified themselves that way. I am pretty sure the overall consensus is that stockings are hot and if have not been fortunate enough to see them in action in real life, then watching them, in reality, is certainly the next best thing.  StockingsVR may not have the biggest number of videos at that moment, however, their calendar reveals that they're slowly, but surely work their way up there. Bottom line is you are into stockings, then you are going to want to sign up for this website. It does not have the largest quantity of content at that moment, however, they're updating. The videos are sexy and not due to the busty stocking clad performers having hardcore sex, but additionally since the videos are presented with hot storylines that will turn you on in almost no time. And whilst the bonus sites don't contain some VR content, they are all still chock full of irresistible stockings, panties, and upskirt content.

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