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Whorecraft VR

If you are like me, aside from being a VR porn zealot, you might be also into other cool things such as golfing, surfing, and smoking a blunt. I like all the good things that cool boys do, so just imagine my face when I first encounter this site, Whorecraft VR. Essentially, we are talking about something similar to Warcraft, but with sexy models. This amazing cosplay setting virtual hardcore playground immerses you in 180 degree 3D that shows you a really good erotic fun time with a catalog of sexy chicks from the famous computer game franchise, Warcraft. Available in both 3D and 2D Scenes Presently, the studio has a good amount of immersive VR scenes, yet some are actually more immersive than other. What I am referring to is that some are produced in 3D where you can look around the scene in 180 degrees field of view, and the rest are in 2D format. Rest assure that you can both download and stream at good speed on pretty much any mainstream VR headsets such as HTC, Oculus, PSVR, and Gear VR. If you don’t already own a VR headset and would like to try VR, I would recommend you to spend 20 bucks on a cardboard headset so you can get a feel what it is like to exercise your porn fantasies to a whole new level. Once you are hooked, you probably want to get an Oculus Go, a standalone headset that is almost perfect for consuming porn in virtual reality. Remember that you can also watch it on your computer in 2D format as well, and you can even subscribe to only that for just less than $5 a month. Erotic Cosplay Performers As soon as you begin the experience, you will find that costumes will be the centerpiece. These hot babes, probably all in their early 20s, are looking even sexier in these cosplay tailored Warcraft themes. We must thank the production crew for going the extra mile to obtain customs, as most regular 2D or 3D VR porn have no requirements for outfit for pornstars. That must have added costs in their production. They did this so you can experience what it is like to bang a babe in various environments, and as different characters. However, please don’t be expecting top grade cosplay outfits, it does look a little bit fake sometimes. Let us get back to the girls. These girls are pretty damn hot that’s for sure. Check Out Their Store Most VR porn sites do not offer a store option, however, the Enhancements tab definitely caught my attention. There is a range of things to buy, yet none are really related to the Warcraft theme, or remote controlled sex toys that are compatible with their scenes. What you will find are things such as sex dolls and lube that can of course be valuable when you are consuming their content, or someone else’s. There is a VR help guide and performer index where you can download wall papers that are mobile friendly, dress in the Whorecraft themed customs. Whorecraft Offers Gamers Dream Perspective Geeks, in particularly young horny boys, are attracted to this kind of arousal, which is why Whorecraft is on my list here. You should try if you are into hot babes in cosplay outfit, and especially if you are into Warcraft. This is one experience you do not want to miss,

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