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VR Hush

Our Full VR Hush Review If you are tired of the same VR Sites, this site is for you ! VR Hush has produced some hardcore scenes featuring some of the hottest adult stars in the VR porn biz today. This is a site where you will find a scene featuring your daily favorite MILF, or some other famous stars such as Riley Reid and babe bombshell Aubrey Gold. Some of the videos are even solo with the women working on themselves with their favorite sex toys in pussy massage 3D, and it appears right before your eyes ball like you are right there. 360° Degree Field of View After briefly streaming a few scenes directly to the smartphone to view through Google Cardboard goggle, and the quality looked pretty damn good, and even had a true 360 degree FOV, so you can turn around and have a full look at the set where everything was shot. If you have been searching for VR porn, you will discover that some sites don’t even offer the ability to stream their content. Most times we actually prefer to download them. But for the sake of convenience, having the streaming surely makes it easy. The quality of the VR video we streamed was quite smooth, while the head-tracking was precisely on point. Afterwards, I downloaded the video file for the Oculus & Samsung Gear VR, and it did look much better on those headsets. Works Fantastic Across All Headsets While streaming virtual porn scenes has its benefits, such as not having to dwell for a download to complete, or having to take up enormous hard drive space. However, what we found is that streaming also has its limitations like being subject to the quality of internet connection depending on where you live, which could possibly result in laggy streaming. That’s why we always prefer to download our virtual porn scenes, and it surely looks and works way better than streaming. As our fans probably already know, we’ve got several mainstream headsets: a Cardboard, the GearVR and the Oculus Rift. After trying out a bunch of scenes on each different headset, and Gear VR and Oculus definitely had a much more immersive feel compared to streaming. With that said, these three devices all has there pros and cons in terms of capabilities. The more price you pay, the better it gets. But it definitely is a drop of blood from your wallets. Various File Types & User Features There are different formats available for different headset such as the HTC Vive, PSVR, Smartphone files (i.e., low, medium, high), and ones in 4K, which isn’t exactly VR, but the scene definitely looks great for those who’s got a good enough graphics card and monitor that can run it. The design of the website is very well done. Each scene is not only dated, but contains tag to the model, category tags, a good scene description, and a nice photo set. Several scenes are filmed from the female POV, some of which are lesbian, which still is a relatively unique niche in virtual reality. This is where you can sort things by date, popularity, ratings, and even get a grasp out of upcoming scenes. Each scene can be commented, rated, and saved as a favorite. There’s even an advanced search function. Do Not Hesitate The kinky name of this site already says half of it, because you are supposed to Hush about it. But please, take a look because this is where you will escalade your erotic fantasies to a new level you didn’t know existed.

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